I sell affordable items that I am passionate about! 

Hello and thank you for visiting my shop, DoodlesAVGStickers! I have been open since March of 2021. Before deciding to open my own Etsy shop I was just enjoying drawing on my iPad using the app procreate! after watching tutorials to learn how to use the app and joining Facebook groups for procreate I was inspired to turn my art into something tangible! What better way than a cute sticker?! After doing more research and learning how to make stickers through various support groups and social medias I finally grew the confidence to sell on Etsy. Thus DoodlesAVGStickers was born! How did I come up with that name? Well I am a mom and I have a young son who is nicknamed Doodle. Doodle is also a form of art! "AVG" are my initials and it also is a shortened version of the word average.... I think you'll find that my artwork and craft is more than just average though (; I put "stickers" at the end to just let you know what I mainly sell! I also sell a digital downloadable coloring book! I began my journey making stickers at my boyfriend's mom's house... using her circuit machine and printer! when I saved up enough money I finally invested into my own machine and printer! I use a canon ts6320 for printing and a silhouette portrait 3 for cutting! It has been quite a journey making stickers and I am so excited to continue to spread love through my artwork! At the beginning of the year (2022) I began expanding my stores inventory. I now sell sun catchers, wax melts, and crystals! All things that I am passionate about! if you've made it this far THANK YOU so much for reading. Please use promo code DADDLE to save major money off (:

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